Guinness World Record

WRAY, 04 May 2018 – The 25th annual Wray Scarecrow Festival and Fair at Wray in Lancashire. More than 150 scarecrows adorn village homes and properties, many following this year’s ‘Lights, Camera, Action’ theme. The traditional giant scarecrow parade was followed by a gathering of 298 villagers who wore make up, patched trousers and straw hair in an attempt to achieve the world record for the largest number of people dressed as scarecrows. Christopher Thomond for The Guardian.


Many of you will have participated in our attempt to gain the Guinness World Record

More than 250 people took part – the minimum required by Guinness

Unfortunately, Guinness adjudicated that too many of us did not satisfy their very strict dress code

They have therefore denied us the record and we are obviously very disappointed about this

But, we hope to go for another Guinness World Record at some point in the future.



Friday 4th May 2018:

  • We are attempting to create a new, official Guinness World Record:
  • “Largest gathering of people dressed as scarecrows”
  • Independent judging starts immediately after Giant’s Parade (around 6.30pm)
  • Important: To qualify to be a record-breaker, you must wear the full scarecrow costume.
  • As stipulated by the Guinness World Record adjudicators, you must wear:

1) A straw or cloth hat
2) Straw hair
3) Long-sleeved top and trousers covered with patches – straw must stick out from hand and feet holes
4) A scarecrow mask or face painted like a scarecrow

  • Any individuals which do not fulfill all 4 criteria will be disqualified
  • Check back to this website for further information in case guidelines change.

BREAKING NEWS: We did it! 293 people dressed as scarecrows. If this is verified by Guinness World Records, all of us will be Record Breakers

Here is a video of how to dress like an official Scarecrow: