Guinness World Record

Friday 4th May 2018:

  • We are attempting to create a new, official Guinness World Record:
  • “Largest gathering of people dressed as scarecrows”
  • Independent judging starts immediately after Giant’s Parade (around 6.30pm)
  • Important: To qualify to be a record-breaker, you must wear the full scarecrow costume.
  • As stipulated by the Guinness World Record adjudicators, you must wear:

1) A straw or cloth hat
2) Straw hair
3) Long-sleeved top and trousers covered with patches – straw must stick out from hand and feet holes
4) A scarecrow mask or face painted like a scarecrow

  • Any individuals which do not fulfill all 4 criteria will be disqualified
  • Check back to this website for further information in case guidelines change.

BREAKING NEWS: We did it! 293 people dressed as scarecrows. If this is verified by Guinness World Records, all of us will be Record Breakers

Here is a video of how to dress like an official Scarecrow: