Local history walks

wray 1 old photo

Wray is a fascinating village, almost unique, amongst settlements its age and size. Whilst most English villages were manorial – dependent on the generosity (or otherwise) of the Lord of the Manor for their growth and prosperity – Wray was different! Unchecked, industry flourished as did drunkenness and non-conformist religious gatherings.

A guided tour of Wray will allow you to discover the site of a mysterious death – a mill owner found floating in the very water vaunted to make his fortune. You can also stand on the spot of one of the country’s most sudden and vicious flash floods and hear the Hardyesque story of why the local school has £200 forever. This 45-60minute tour will reveal the fascinating, and often tumultuous, history of this intriguing village.


Walks are at the following dates and times:

Saturday April 30th: 10.00, 14.00

Sunday May 1st: 10.00, 14.00

Monday May 2nd: 10.00

All walks depart from the George & Dragon pub.